Erectile Dysfunction

No Morning Wood Mean Erectile Dysfunction Problem?


No morning wood is quite a sign of erectile dysfunction but there are treatments as well. When healthy men waking morning time erection happens. There is you quite have a surprise there lack of testosterone shortage is signs of impotence. Check out why no morning wood happens in the morning time.


In men, normal and healthy life morning wood happens which can easily be noted a male entire life. In men, brain cells can release the noradrenaline chemical which can erection during night and morning time. Frequent morning wood is a sign of good and called better health blood can easy to flow blood in penis vessels.

If you start to note down about your erection in the morning time which is not frequent means your penis vessels are not working properly way and blood does not go flow in it easily and not get an erection easily or soft erection.

The same situation happens with you on the bed when you want to get an erection but not a success. This is a red flag sign which can point out you have an erectile dysfunction problem start.

No Morning Wood


There are a few reasons for no morning wood happen one of high cholesterol in body and second is high blood pressure which can create the erection problem and no morning wood not happen also sign you have one disease from these. If you have any overweight or increase weight sign also.

Cholesterol can block or damage the vessels where blood flow can’t easily and not get elasticity which can hard to get wood or erection because vessels can expand for more blood flow into the penis. There are erectile dysfunction pills available which can you take to get hard & erection at bedtime A pills are cenforce 100, fildena, Kamagra Oral Jelly & Tastylia 20 mg oral strips can treat an erection problem.


Erectile dysfunction is not enough erection for getting penetration into the vaginal part there are some psychological and physical health matter here and there is two you can identify which kind of erection problem have if you have morning wood frequently but while intimate time with a part does not get enough erection means you are in some psychological problem like Anxiety, stress, depression kind of problem because the brain is engaged with that one not attention with the sexual part.

And, you get no morning wood frequent or any it will happen and soft morning wood that can sign of physical health problem in your body that is the reason you can not get an erection while intimate time as well. Your brains want to do sex but your health can not with you. If you other diseases that also create the barrier to get a perfect erection to guide the to doctor to take Cialis or sildenafil citrate to get a perfect erection.


If you can identify that which one problem you are, then start working on it like take sleep better, lose weight, eat healthy hygiene food, avoid junk food, drink lots of water and maintain your sugar level as well. Better sleep can relax the brain cell more and give you the perfect morning wood and erection over time.

Water keeps your body hydrated and you are avoiding taking fatty food at the ideal time. Also, if you are smoking frequently leave that immediately and focus on your health.

Do yoga daily to keep calm your brain cell nervous system if you are in any psychological problem also yoga few poses are can help you out to get reduce weight as well and yoga is more beneficial which we think about it.

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