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Losing An Erection Midway: Facts & Treatment


Losing an erection midway that is semi erectile dysfunction and required treatment for that many men in the USA are faced this which can get a hard erection when starting but after getting midway through intimacy they losing of erection.

Losing An Erection Midway

Why Losing An Erection Midway?

When men start facing erectile dysfunction problem this one is a common problem face by men it is faced once a year by men due to few reasons. There are many men who do completely not get an erection while sexual time also while men not able to get an erection completely it is common and all men faced this problem.

There are two factors which can point out major ED problem faced losing an erection while sexual performance even oral performance even those are physical and psychological problems.

It is psychological through happening this problem include depression, anxiety, fear of any problem, stress (any stress like family, friend, relationship or work-related stress point to create a psychological game). Most of the psychological problems found in a young age group of men who are usually in stress due to study, work and relationship many young men are faced this for the first time intimate because of uncomfortable with a partner and that is affecting your hard erections problem.

After digitalization, many young men are addicted to porn and that is affect on hard erection while intimate time. Many psychological experts are said addiction to pornography is linked to sexual dysfunction and affects the excitement with partner, sexual enjoyments.

And, the second physical side if men can face any overweight, blood pressure or any cardiac problem have these all create the barrier to get stay hard during sex time, Along with these disease men have diabetes, hormonal issues, low testosterone, or faced passed any surgery that can create a barrier to lose erection while sex time.

Current, period of time there are major problem which found in studies that is lifestyle problem if men can take too much smoking, alcohol, or take any drugs (cocaine, marijuana) that can affect to stay hard for a long period of time.

Erection problems are faced majorly on these physical and psychological problems otherwise there is a possible way to treat this losing erection problem with medication which can mention below read it.

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How To Treatment Of This Losing Erection During Sex

Erectile dysfunction is treatable and there is multiple ways to get treatment for this issue even this problem also losing an erection midway sex time. Doctor and mens who suffered this problem their first preference to get cure is a medication which is easily available affordable price online drug store like

But, first, we talked about the treatment of this stay hard sometimes or losing erection problem frequently or every time faced stay hard problem.

Sometimes men can get tired due to a heavy workload at the office, traveling, or any other kind of way body can get tired that time men could not get concentrate on sex time and not get enough hard or stay hard erection during sex time. For a successful and healthier sex mind need to fresh and active.

If faced the constant and every time you tried sexual performance with your partner and faced this lose erection problem it means there is a huge chance to have erectile dysfunction vessels have not got enough blood flow into the penis or lose it.

Which Pill is good for Keep Stay Hard While Sex Time?

Sildenafil citrate and tadalafil ingredients based generic pills are the best way to get treat this problem there is few brands available like (cenforce 100, cenforce 200, Fildena, Kamagra 100 Mg, Kamagra Oral Jelly) these all are made from sildenafil citrate which same as work generic viagra it has to boost up blood flow into the penis vessels and keep an erection during sex time and never Losing An Erection Midway.

Sildenafil is a compound drug that is affected in 20 to 30 minutes after taking it and stays in the body as long as 4 to 5 hours period of time and it has few side effects which are mention on pill page.

And, tadalafil compound drug formulation is also boosting blood into the penis vessels and keep an erection on a long period of time and it is a fast way to get an erection because after taking tadalafil based pill like (Tadaflo 20, Vidalista, Malegra) it is start effect 5 to 10 minutes of time and stay 36 hours long period of time.

Change Lifestyle And Stay Hard

There are many men who are living an unhealthy lifestyle like taking too much alcohol, smoking and consume lots of cholesterol food like junk food that can increase the chance of cholesterol and overweight.

  • Living health lifestyle
  • Workout daily (Walking or running)
  • Take healthy diet food
  • Check and maintain testosterone level
  • Stop smoking and alcohol (if not possible take small porition)
  • Stop watching porn
  • Stop masturbution

If men can follow these they can get surely results in a year and naturally get a cure from an erection problem.

Take Psychological Therapy

In young men who are newly get engaged with a new girlfriend or newlyweds men have faced this psychological problem which we talked about above one and required the treatment as well through discussion frankly with a partner, Do yoga daily to boost up confidence or even retentions to boost semen as well.

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Why Man Can’t Stay Hard?

If a man can get erectile dysfunction problem faced that time man unable to stay hard but there is temporary one if a man gets physically or mentally tired during sex time that time can’t stay hard. If frequent get this problem means man has an ed problem and required treatment with medication.

Why Can’t Keep Erection During Intercourse?

To keep an erection during intercourse required the proper way to get blood flow into the penis but if there is any blockage happen that time gets erection problem during intercourse time. Losing An Erection Midway something intimate time is major problem need to quick treatment with generic viagra.

How To Maintain Erection During Sex?

If men faced any erection problem and want to maintain an erection during sex there is only medication way to get an erection and that medication is a generic pill that is available easily.

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