Erectile Dysfunction

How To Overcome Psychological ED

How To Overcome Psychological ED

How to overcome psychological ed this question asked by patient and urologist or psychologist doctor suggests few steps and cure treatment for this problem. Psychological-based ED is all in your brain not in your member (penis blockages) problem. Just in the USA, around 1 million men faced psychological-based Ed problems and they can not assume it is actually for that and take wrong brain control and pills. Here is the list of how to overcome psychological ed with pills and with the brain cell control method.

Common Psychological Causes Of ED

How To Overcome Psychological ED


Human are felt depressed when they can feel down or sad for some reason and continue thinking or stress get the face of depression and that can bad for the men brain, Medical experts said depression work like an anchor hook which can control the emotion of happiness and sadness mood if this depression anchor gets heavy means your brain has a heavy load of any type of tension and engaged. And, not feel-great activeness here.

Depression has symptoms like these:

  • Sadness and hopeless
  • Loneliness feeling
  • Not an interest in any kind of activities not even in a sexual intimacy where men attract first
  • Difficult to make a decision and thinking lots
  • Fatigue, Lack of energy

And these all are the symptoms enough is not to get active for sexual performance and pleasure. In decades ago one research was done by Psychosomatic Medicine and said there is a direct link between depression and erectile dysfunction problem.

Stress and Anxiety

When erectile dysfunction has come there is stress and anxiety are linked up but these two problems happen in different foam. In sexual performance, anxiety is trigger by the stress for sexual activities want to do with a partner.

If men are stressed like work, relationship or any friends and family problem and you can feel the brain burden for that and worried about what happens next or what to do kind of situation feel is stress and that situation men can not get physically active feel low.

And anxiety feels before the action performs just like any athletes or sports person feel when they come over on-field and possible win or failed kind of situation happen, and the same situation men will feel after a long period of time sex planned to happen There are 60% couple gets success when they are not planning any sex time and suddenly do sexwith a partner.

Or, first-time sex performance time this anxiety creates and mind totally focus on a win and failed situation, and men can face the erectile dysfunction problem or premature ejaculation problem faced.

There is a generic pill can men were taken here to bring out confidence and stay erect while intimate time and the popular pill which doctor prescribed based on sildenafil and tadalafil pill brand list here ( fildena, cenforce 100, fildena 150, Kamagra gold 100 are the sildenafil citrate-based) and ( Tadaflo 20 mg, Vidalista, Malegra are the tadalafil based) pills.

There other psychological erection treatments also available where you can read here:- . If you actually want how To overcome psychological ED then read it few of the blog posts.

Relationship Problem

Maintain a healthy relationship is not an easy give quality of time and spend time with a partner with a warm feeling to get a more healthy relationship and sexual intimacy is one of the best great one it.

If men faced any psychological problem and for that erectile dysfunction or low libido kind of problem faced there are crack come in relationship between a couple. And the treatment of a problem is the first priority to get heal your relationship first.

Feel Anxiety For Sexual Performance

When humans are become nervous to do any activities they can feel nervous like this sexual performance with a new partner most of happening or after a long period of time try out sexual activities and then create the erectile dysfunction problem because the brain is engaged with nervousness.

Apart from the female partner, there are male partner feel this problem and on younger age, if any young men are faced ed problem they are most of this problem facer.

Addiction Of Porn and Masturbation

After digitalization happen every internet users are easily now can operate porn website and slowly become addicted to drugs. Experts are said there are pornography is also a source of early ed problems faced by young men. If men can watching enough time like around 1 to 2 hours daily to watch porn with masturbation do then it will harm their penis vessels due to tight finger grips (sometimes major penis tissue damages or blockages come which take treatment and time to recover from it)

How to cure psychological ED causes without a pill?

There is a penalty method that can need to follow daily without missing this and yes these methods are time-consuming take around 6 months to 1 year or more to cure it and these tips are based on research. Otherwise, you can hire a psychologist doctor to quick way to cure it.

Brain Meditation: Try out daily different yoga poses which can help men get cure from the ed problem as well as calm down the brain cell with relaxing from the stress, anxiety, and psychological problem.

Diet: Diet is necessary to calm the human brain because whatever we take in food is reflected in the body so take light food which has a good amount of carb, protein, and fiber to keep your body and brain cool and calm. Too much heavy food can create health problems.

Divert Mind: Whenever men feel to see porn something then divert their mind through reading books, motivation posts, go out with friends and talk with partners to a better way to time spend partner.


Does Viagra work for psychological Ed?

Yes, If ED are occure in men through by psychological and try to get over from it but it is method is time consuming and want to do sex with partner that time doctor suggest to take Viagra as bring confident.

How do you treat psychogenic ED?

Psychological ed problem faced due to anxiety, stress, depression and for that mental maditation required and it is time consume to recover from it and drug can boost it confidence instant if men want to sex with partner and still have psychological based problem they can take it mild dosage of viagra pills to maintain confidence.

Does Psychological ED go away?

Yes, It surely go away if men can focusing way to work on doctor given method like calm down stress and focus mental relaxation. With that take it pill .

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