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How To Keep My Husband Sexually Satisfied

How to Keep Your Husband Sexually Satisfied

How to keep my husband sexually satisfied this question rises in every women’s mind once in life after a relationship engaged but there are a few tips and tricks which you can follow and implement then you can easily satisfy your husband sexually and emotionally. When men and women get new married there are men who get satisfied but after years and years passed many women are failed to fulfill men’s needs and women can feel about that and seeking satisfaction tricks.

How To Keep My Husband Sexually Satisfied In Tips Below:

Understand Self Body:- Men are always attracted to women who have a good figure and fair skin if you look dull and not attract more then start caring your self if you look overweight or so slim kind of body and want your men to attract to you then start yoga and gym along with taking healthy nutrients food which can beneficial to your body on a positive way. There are many spammy cream and lotion available which are less effective on the body and harm chemical include aware of that and take it healthy food and keep looks stylish

Understand Self Body

Dress Up Something Bold:- As per research, many women are wearing dull kind of dress with no fashion sense as well just like with undergarments also men loves bold and attractive undergarments ask your men which color they like in bras and panties buy that and show it to your men at night also there are many types of bras and lingerie available which can boost up and looks very sexy with confident. Psychologist and relationship therapist Megan Fleming said If women wear red lingeries men will interest 25% more than other colors.

Foreplay Tricks:- There are many women and men who both can do mistakes they are not given more time to foreplay, Take time to in foreplay and kiss over frenulum to men’s penis with gentle care. Frenulum strip is quite sensitive skin part, Kiss over chest and nipple, and men best most exciting part is ear limb and the last kisses on the neck with these all foreplay trick talk with dirty for boost up the excitement to men.

Foreplay Tips And Tricks For Sexually Satisfied Men

Talk About Fantasy:- Most of the men will be quite open to a talk about their fantasy and when women approach and talk about that time little be nervous here so keep let him calm and take in confidence under yours with foreplay and given foreplay idea with him. If your men do not like any foreplay trick then just avoid and ask where to do something to satisfy that is the best fantasy time give him. If shy to tell about his fantasy then talk via any messaging apps to finding out something other where he comfortable easily with you about their fantasy.

Take Charge On Bed:- There are a lot of men who like women who can approach first to do sex with him and some can not like that but you knew your men’s fantasy then you can easily assume is he liked to approach or not. There are men 10 out of 7 men like hot women who can take charge over on the bed. If you are shy about doing it then try out Shades of grey types of blindfolding him and binding his hands. If never knew how to do that then you can just be googling about this and find out how to try satisfying men in a bed without any complaint anymore.

Take Charge Over Bed By Women

Ask What Type On Bed:- Men like to do something new all-time and if you need to try something new position on the bed then just ask or tell him about that position for better and safe sex. If men get confident about position change then you must be comfortable with that position for the best and pleasurable position is women on top, doggy position, and missionary which are ever happening but just ask freely which he liked most and try it.

Buy Male Enhancement Pills:- Sometimes men can afraid to buy male enhancement pills for a psychological reason and sometimes they think it is not required but if you think your men need this without hesitation to purchase it purple sildenafil citrate-based pill like fildena, tadalafil cenforce come with variations like ( Fildena 100 , Fildena 150 , Cenforce 200 and more) which are long last work on a bed.

Use Fragrance:- Air fragrance are creating a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom and, men and women both liked good fragrance most of like being a couple is a lavender, vanilla, and jasmine type is best to go.


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