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Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy: Safety & Positions

Sex In Pregnancy

Benefits of sex during pregnancy time it is absolutely safe for women and even men too. There are surveys conduct by USA famous universities over single or more child women about sexual desire during pregnancy time and the results are interesting. There are women who want sex in the middle of the month of pregnancy time like after 3 months to 7 months women want more cuddles and sex from their partner.

Women’s bellies get to stretch and get bigger for that time many men have to cure to a special position which can give proper fantasy.

Below we can discuss more the benefits of sex during pregnancy and perfect positions for men and women both get enjoy even without hurt belly.

Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy Time?

There are many misconceptions about sex while pregnancy time all around the world there are many men and women thoughts if do sex while pregnant time baby gets hurt, hurt vaginal tissue, face other complication.

Baby is in women’s womb with multiple protection layers of muscles like ( strong uterus muscles, amniotic fluid, and mucus plug these all developed around the women inside the cervix. If you need healthy labor pain with healthy pregnancy then sex has required some part of the time.

Is Sexual Activeness Chance To Increase Labor Pain?

There is not any connection between sexual activity with labor pain or early childbirth (premature) or miscarriage happen if women have physically weak or have any physical problem faced with pregnancy like hernia, low blood in the body, or any other complication which doctor let about do sex or not.

Best Sexual Position In Pregnancy Time

The perfect sexual position which can give successful intercourse and complete fantasy to couple without hurting women belly, men have to take care do not go rush and rough type of activities in pregnancy situations.


Spooning position is backside or side by side cuddle type of position, In pregnancy, time couple wants a romantic cuddle from their partner. Side-by-side spooning positions give women belly support from the mattress completely without hustle to push, And this position is most useful when women in their third quarter of time mean around 6 months to 9 months period of time.

Receiving oral

Oral sex is the most loveable and attachment performance before intimate if your both partner agrees to perform only oral sex and complete your fantasy. Women love to feel it better when women pregnant also it also increases the blood flow into the vagina through hormonal changes also happen.

Woman on top

While no sex position is totally forbidden, pregnant ladies in their second and third trimesters ought to know that lying level on their back for an all-encompassing timeframe “can move pressure from the extended uterus onto the significant veins and bargain the blood supply to the baby, so it ought to be kept away from,” says Dr. Klein.

In view of this, ladies on the highest levels as a top pregnancy sex position. “This position is extraordinary in light of the fact that you can handle the infiltration and furthermore how your midsection is arranged,” says Hartzell. Your legs are in an agreeable position as well, either twisted at the knees against the bedding or reached out on one or the other side of your accomplice.

Furthermore, remember, numerous ladies think that its simpler to climax when they’re on top since they’re accountable for the profundity and speed and can animate their clitoris effectively, she adds.

From Behind (Doggy Style)

Attempt this pregnancy-accommodating minor departure from conventional from the rear: Instead of smushing your tummy level against the bed, remain at the edge of the bed, twist your middle, then, at that point plant your palms against the bed for help, clarifies Hartzell. Your accomplice enters you from behind, doing all the knocking and crushing and stretching around to invigorate your clitoris as you appreciate the activity. Cooperation makes the fantasy work, no?

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