An Ultimate Guide For Newlyweds Having Sex


Newlyweds having sex over the first night of the wedding and over on honeymoon time. Not having daily sex but sometimes a couple can get intimate one day gap and or a few couples to have to sex thrice a day over honeymoon time. Few people have to required proper guidelines who are newlyweds having sex in a pleasurable and loveable way.

Many men are trying many poses which they show over adult movies but that one can not get success much and natural way to try but sometimes also get embarrassing due to lack of knowledge in some cases. Other if men have to face any performance anxiety or ED problem.

There are common issues find out in newlyweds couples when it comes to sex, there are three problems which can focus before getting to intimate with the couple.

Newlyweds Having Sex

Newlyweds Having Sex Tips


The couple, when newlyweds and want to do intimate it can be embarrassing for few couples give time to each other and try to start slowly with foreplay sometime newlyweds couple in men, approach it and start straight with intimacy which can cum early for men sometimes for wild or rough sex and women not get satisfied not gonna love that too gives time to women and starts with cuddling, kissing, talks dirty, foreplay and then start final steps also choose a simple position which women liked if she does not like or support your expectations then give time to be comfortable with you for that position time.

Sometimes men have facing erectile dysfunction they do not realize that and finish up sex in a second which can destroy your relationship in the long term way if you faced that issue then take it sildenafil citrate-based pill or oral strips which can fast way to cure of it. There are many generic viagra brands available like fildena 100 or fildena 150 for sale , cenforce 100 or cenforce 200 , kamagra oral jelly, tadaflo 20mg, etc. which are the best fastest-ed pills.

And, an expert said to bring the generic viagra with you for a safe side in case of emergency many men have facing ED problem on the first night or honeymoon due or flaccid penis that time ED medication will help out.


After the newlyweds, couples get busy in life routine and not get involved in intimate forget many cuddly things like kissing, hugging, and others. Keep doing romantic things with a partner like take together hot shower, kitchen hugging, which can warm up your relationship and give quality time with your partner in the bedroom do not engage with other stuff which can create bed clues in mind.

Do not put your priorities to have rough sex do foreplay sometimes for a long time and take advantage of kisses that have a lot of pleasure to get attention from your partner. If your female partner does not get ready for intimate daily and you want to then keep whisper her ears, kisses on the neck, back, and sensitives point where the female gets on.


There are many expectations put couple each other on many bases also over bed men and women both want more what they think but sometimes they can fail fo fulfilling partner expectations. In recent research done by popular british university on 100+ couple and results said men want to hurry to switch position and try to get new position on every time get intimate but sometimes female not like that want the same position for a long time sometimes female is agree on new position but same as where she gets feel secure and excited that position wants a long time.

If new couples have any faced ED, Low libido problem, lubrication problem then there many effective products and medication available which can you try out without worried.

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