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6+ Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction


These are the worst foods for erectile dysfunction problems create. foods give energy plus give us vitamins, proteins, and calcium those all give energies, strength, and activeness for daily work performance. But there are few foods available that can take men daily or frequently that can not good for men’s health also increase the chance of erectile dysfunction problem.

Erectile dysfunction can happen to any men once in life so avoid these foods before happening if already happen and want treatment from it then take sildenafil citrate or tadalafil based tablet which can cure it there tadalafil 20 mg, vidalista, malegra of pill made from tadalafil and fildena, cenforce and kamagra 100 mg pill which are made from sildenafil and these all are popular and cure it of ED problem. Need more about sildenafil and tadalafil read this:-

Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction

List Of Worst Foods For Erectile Dysfunction Problem Create

  1. White Bread
  2. Tamarind
  3. Lemon
  4. Canned Soup Or Food
  5. Flavored Soda
  6. Pizza Or Junk Food
  7. White Chocolate


White bread is made from wheat flour and that can lead to increase weight gain if men can eating too much or daily white bread that can lead to increase body flab and it increases the estrogen levels and decrease the testosterone level down there is one study done by buffalo university there are 40% approx men who are non-diabetic they have lower testosterone level and took white bread daily.


Tamarind is available most of in Asian countries but available now all over the world even in USA groceries mall too. Many times it’s the favorite part of taking in with snacks with sauces and other usages but this tamarind is not good for men. It will create a major problem for erection time.


Yes, lemon is harmful to men’s erection if take too much on food or with salads. It contains vitamin c and lots of tangy chemicals that can kill the blood vessel’s erection. If you have to take lots of lemon in your food try to avoid or less use it.


Canned food or soups is high dietary sodium that can lead to blood pressure and decrease the blood flow into the body vessels include the penis. It also increases the fats and become men overweight in a long period of time. Those men who are leaving alone life they are most of the use this canned products try to avoid this and start to take fresh cooking food for better healthy living.


Center European journal of urology said in one study in flavored soda has come with high fructose corn syrup and it is the worst food to your body because it is the most preferred one which can take it regularly daily without knowing it is harmful or not. Sweetener soda can a high chance to lead erectile dysfunction and the main reason is it raises cholesterol in the body and damages arteries in the penis.


Pizza and junk food have lots of refined carbs because they have made with processed wheat flour, cheese, and multiple sausages which can lead to cholesterol and in just America 10 of 8 men eat pizza daily and it is a huge ratio but it can lead to a cholesterol and erection problem.


There are dark and simple classic chocolates that are famous and come with different flavor changes but these chocolates are beneficial for health. But white chocolates are less nutritious and more dairy fat rather than a dark one. Take it lots of chocolates can damage your dental organs with adding more sugar in your diet which can create the weight increase problem as well. Also, become diabetics in the future.

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