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5 Effective Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

Male sexual dysfunction treatment

Male sexual dysfunction treatment through medication and some part of workout which you read about that in below

There gonna 5 treatment usually happen when erectile dysfunction faced by men. There are other treatments also available but we discussed major and popular ones which can go successful in the past.

  1. Medication
  2. Penis Pumps Or Surgery
  3. Exercise
  4. Psychological
  5. Change Lifestyle



Physical exam for your penis, penis tissue, and vessels for where and how much blockages and check nerves for sensation there complete examination can boost up the accurate treatment.

Blood Tests

When diagnostic happen doctor collects blood and sends it to the lab to check signs of any cardiac-related problem, diabetes, testosterone problem, or any other health problem that can point to ED problem.

Urine Tests

Just like blood test urine test also check it for having any sugar type of disease or not which can create a barrier to an erection.


This test gonna happen when men can face major erection dysfunction happen can not erection little bit as even soft erection happens. This test can be involved a transducer device that can hold up blood in penis vessels. This test creates the images when the can doctor examine where and why blood flow problem in penis vessels.

Psychological Test

Just in the USA there are millions of men are faced erectile dysfunction for just anxiety, depression, the stress they don’t have any physical damage problem but due to mentally issue they are facing erection problem and this problem is faced at a young age group like 22 to 40 age of men have faced this erectile dysfunction problem.


When erectile dysfunction confirms and feels men required to have treatment for any health conditions. Doctors will suggest the best treatment for erectile dysfunction and depend on health conditions. There are quite various types of treatment facilities available which can do the easy way.

Oral Medication


Medication is the successful and effective treatment done by doctors who are faced with erection problems. There are many pills available that can take daily or before to get sexual activities.

  • Sildenafil Citrate
  • Tadalafil
  • Oral Strips
  • Avanafil

There is a formulation of pills there is a brand of pill available which can be called Fildena , cenforce, kamagra oral jelly, oral strips those have come in a different type of variation of dosages which can be prescribed by the doctor based on men health, age and condition of erection problem.

This medication pill can boost up the blood flow in penis vessels and relaxing the penis muscles and get an erection for sexual performance. Keep in mind that after taking this pill penis not get automatically erection without any sexual activities. Men need to engaged with a partner when the brain can release the chemical in the body called nitric oxide that time can erection completely happen with the combination of the formulated with a pill. The doctor will prescribe the best dosages as per the damaged erection in the penis there is quite 5mg to 200mg of dosage available.

The oral medication has side effects that happen which is a cure from home remedies like dizziness, chest pain, dry nose, stomach disturbance, flushing type of side effects if these side effects become major then immediately go to a doctor.


There are other medications also available to treat male sexual dysfunction treatment.

Self Injections;- Alprostadil is an injection that can inject into the penis from the side this gonna rarely treat this self-injection can men own put before go to sexual performance time. One injection dosages can penis erection as long as one hour period and minor pain side effects shown

Replace Testosterone;- There are many men who are suffering erection problems due to hormone testosterone get decrease which are an actual requirement but at that time testosterone replacement therapy suggest by many doctor and which can effects on some cases.


Male sexual dysfunction treatment also treats without pills but there is a fewer chance to get success in case studies Doctors who can be faced a complete zero erection can use the penis pumps to increase blood flow inside the penis and held blood in the penis for few minutes. This treatment is dangerous if do not know how to pump and how many pumps for erection.

There is a tension ring available that can fit after fully get an erection for performing sexual activities. And remove the vacuum penis pump gently.

Male Sexual Dysfunction Treatment Penis Pump

Penis Implant Surgery:- This is one of the long and complicated treatments for sexual dysfunction problems in males. In a surgically way placed the devices into the penis on both sides. This implant surgery can install bendable rods which can erection when having intimate but this can not give major sensation anything. This treatment not for those who have urinary tract kind of infections.


In millions of men who are suffered erectile dysfunction there 60% of people are overweight people and required the losing weight to get out from erection problem. And now exercise is considered high for that male who suffers sexual dysfunction and needs treatment.

Yoga, Cardio Workout and Aerobics kind of exercises are that can lose weight and high chance to get out from erection problems.


There are 10 out of 8 people who can get depression after got an erection problem on a bed and increase the erection problem if they have already stress, anxiety, and any kind of depression problem facing due to family problem, professional work problem or any social problem.

The brain can control your body and these all problems are engaged your mood and sexual performance as well. Do yoga to calm down your nervous system and consult the psychologist doctor better way to get positives for a problem. Many doctors here suggest taking a generic viagra pill if the psychological way faced an erection problem.

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