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10+ Best Protein And Erectile Dysfunction

protein and erectile dysfunction

Protein and erectile dysfunction is a deadly combination but it is working on the erection problem as well. A protein-rich food that has the ability to increase body muscles can also good over bedroom as well. A medical expert finds out the there is a number of nutrient-rich foods that are beneficial to come over erectile dysfunction problems.

Erectile dysfunction is not resolved quickly it takes time and these foods can cure this problem but the party takes time. If you want to cure the medication then take the tadalafil-based pills Tadaflo 20 mg | Vidalista 20 mg | Tadarise 40 mg pill that can cure ED and work on bedtime as well.

Protein And Erectile Dysfunction


  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B 12
  • Arginine
  • Magnesium


Zinc riched foods are the best for men because zinc is increasing testosterone in the body and produce healthy sperm with this erectile dysfunction problem solved.

Vitamin B12

This is vitamin is directly linked to your penis performance because when men get faced erectile dysfunction quite possible they have less to take vitamin b12, USA-based Harvard university researched over this vitamin can production of blood in the body and create metabolism cells which can beneficial for the penis.


Arginine is given relaxes to blood vessels and start blood flow into the body, This rich based food keep erection helping out.


Penis gets inflammation and this magnesium can decrease blood vessels, And increase blood flow vessels and that is quite you can see the results.



Lamb has a good amount of protein with zinc. One 11mg of a piece of lamb has 242grams of zinc. And lamb can give full day niacin which is best for erection.

Navy Beans

Full pack fiber which can control blood sugar and white legumes contain resistant starch available. In navy beans has resistant starch which can a body take from this food for more get more active and do hard work to digest fast. Who can take starch-based food like navy beans that burn more fats said my medical food expert from the University of Colorado


Crab has a high amount of zinc and every kind of seafood which can easy to eat those all have zinc with protein and other nutrients. It is perfect for a good time when bedtime begins.

Pine Nuts

These pine nuts are heavy to rich with zinc after taking them people can feel have they feel sex drive go up who faced low level previous who already have it high sex they can balance their level with regular take it. It is a perfect source of zinc, magnesium which can boost up testosterone and healthy sperm.



Seafood has got all nutrients which humans required and cure of big diseases as well. A Salmon fish has B12 and omega-3 fatty acids that can best for weight loss and this can create nitric oxide which can stay hard. This fish can provide a high rich in protein, vitamin 6, and b12 that can healthy blood production.

Blue Mussels

This chilly-sounding mollusk has more than other food that has B12 rich. Just take 3 ounces in 20 grams of muscle-boosting protein in it. This food has an increase in the blood flows in the body also it has a good rich of magnesium which can naturally erection food.


Herring is also one type of seafood that can have a good amount of B12 and magnesium which can boost up testosterone in the body and produce healthy sperm. A man who has completely faced an erection problem can take it herring in their diet food for one week regularly they can see the improvement here.


Chicken Breast

Want to add more arginine in your body that can fill by chicken breast and turkey chicken has that more beneficial if you can take 3 ounces of chicken breast that has a 140 calories approx and only 3 grams of fat available but the best part is 26 grams of proteins available. It can produce muscle gain that is best for men’s bodies.


Walnuts are more beneficial than others nuts it is fighting with a cardiac disease if have. It has riched with omega-3 fatty acid along with arginine that can best for penis blood flow and brain cell. If you can take daily 1 to 2 ounces of walnuts in your morning diet food that can increase the blood flow. If you want to avoid cardiac-related disease then take daily or two times weekly this walnut in your diet to avoid any problem.


There is much myth about this chickpeas many thing chickpeas is natural viagra but it is not that it has a high rich protein which has magnesium and arginium also if take 39 gram of cup.


Brazil Nuts

Brazil nut are the best source of magnesium also it has selenium which can help out to produce healthy hormones. Men required a small portion of healthy sperm. Brazil nuts can give the best magnesium which can have to give the best source for testosterone maintain and boost.


Cashews which is generally available in every superstore without finding out. If you are looking for high magnesium foods that are cashews is the only source that has lots it is helping out from constipation, insomnia, and muscle cramps kind of problem also give your body immune system high and give brain cells perfect.


Amaranth is a completely gluten-free seed that can best for a healthy one. it is the best digestion food that can easily digest and increase metabolism because of a full pack of fiber as well as iron and protein that can lead to going warm at bedtime.


Is protein good for erectile dysfunction?

Yes protein required source of human body and it is also required to healthy sexual life and erection. If you have taken less protein and more cholestrol then it will become harm for your body.

Does protein make you last longer in bed?

Protein foods which is available like eggs, fish, meat and in vegetables based like avacados that all give human purify and give good amount of protein which helps to men keep healthy and healthy body give last longer over bed